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  • Credit & Personal Finance Coaching Course: 40+ Lessons! Have All My Knowledge At Your Fingertips & Learn At Your Own Pace! ($199 Value)
  • Free Credit Repair: Need Help Fixing Your Credit? Active Members Benefits Include Free Credit Repair! (PRICELESS!)
  • Blue Print: The Game Plan Offers Strategies For Credit Improvement, Debt Repayment, & Money Management Knowledge! ($99 Value)
  • Dedicated Client Support Agent: Your Very Own World Class Customer Support Agent Assigned To You For Assistance, Whether You Send A Quick Text Or Email, Your Agent Is There To Help! ($199 Value)
  • Community: Join Others Just Like You Our Exclusive Member Community! Ask Questions, Share Your Success & Encourage Each Other With Your Actions! ($199 Value)
  • Weekly MasterClass: Active Members Get Exclusive Group MasterClasses With Ricardo & Our Team Via Zoom 2 Times Per Month! ($299 Value)
  • Personal Finance Tools: Download Personal Finance Tools Such As A Simple Budget SpreadSheet & Debt Tracker To Help You Create A Winning Game Plan! ($199 Value)

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So, Why Our Program?

Let's Face It- Many People Seeking To Improve Their Credit Often Entrust Their Financial Future To Unfamiliar Companies Or Individuals, Only To Find A Year Later That Their Situation Remains Unchanged, Leaving Them Feeling As Though They Have Failed.
This Is Where Our Coaching Course Comes In 

How Does It Work?

When someone asks "How do I Fix My Credit & Increase My Score?"
"Success Leaves Clues" And Good Credit Is Not Something You Buy, Its Something You Earn.
Credit Is the aftermath of something much bigger, Its the direct reflection of how someone handles their money. Our program teaches the knowledge no one ever taught us growing up to tackle the struggles we have today regarding credit and money. The program's roadmap takes on how I built my credit, money management, budgeting, debt repayment strategies &,for active members, free credit repair disputes.

Understanding How To Use This Powerful Knowledge Is The Secret To Your Credit Success & Financial Freedom

It's The Difference Between The 99% Of People Who Enroll In Credit Repair Services But Fail & The 1% Who Succeed At Improving Their Credit!

Our Proven 3 Step Method For Success

Achieving Good Credit Can Appear Challenging With Negative Items Impacting Your Credit Score. So What's The Turn Around Strategy? My Program Highlights
The 3 Key Elements That Helped Me Go From Poor Credit Rating To Good Credit

  •  Learn What Can & Cannot Be Deleted From A Credit Report & Why. A Credit Report Must Not Contain Errors And All Items Must Be Verifiable.
  • Build Your Credit Using Proven Strategies Of Growth. Using These Strategies Resulted In $150K+ Credit Limits For Me!
  • Learn Effective Money Management To Avoid Credit Debt & Maintain High Credit Rating, Including Creating Debt Repayment Strategies.

I Can Be Your Coach If:

  • You Are Willing To Learn New Strategies From Me To Optimize Your Credit
  • You Are Willing To Put In The Work It Takes To Transform Your Credit & Change Your Life
  • You Are Willing To Complete The Program Through

I Can't Be Your Coach If:

  • You Expect Your Situation To Get Better Without Lifting A Finger
  • You Don't Take Accountability For Your Past Mistakes
  • You Are Not Willing To Change Financial Habits That Are Holding You Back

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is My Information Safe?
Yes! Security Is our top priority and our system has been built to make sure our members and subscribers are secure. Our system includes safety features such as TLS 1.2/1.3) Encryption w/Ciphers, 256-bit Advanced Encryption (AES), On-going Level 1 PCI Compliance, Fully Encrypted Data Format & 2-Factor Authentication
How Do You Provide Free Credit Repair?
We offer complimentary credit repair to active members of The Financial ER enrolled in the Rise, A Credit Building Journey coaching course. To activate this feature, active members need to request credit repair and provide a credit report through SmartCredit (which includes a $27.95/month fee for the monthly credit report and monitoring paid to SmartCredit, not to us). Please note, trial members have access to our coaching course, over 40 lessons on credit improvement strategies, basic personal finance budgeting and debt repayment strategies, as well as downloadable budgeting tools. However, trial members are not considered active members.
 When Will I See Improvements On My Credit?
Improvements come can come from different directions. If you are actively structuring to build your credit profile correctly, you may see improvement such as credit score increases or lines of credit increasing overtime. If a negative item is removed, you may see a credit score increase. But It Is Important to notice credit reports are updated once every thirty days. That said, something that might change today may not reflect until the next month.
How Long Does The Process Take?
Every ones credit situation is different. We've worked with people on their credit journey for as little as 4 months, and others as long as 2 years. We typically recommend to be involved for a period of 6 months to evaluate your progress & from there decide If you need to continue.
How Does Your Program Help Me?
Our focus is on 3 main points: Helping dispute errors or unverifiable accounts if credit repair is needed. Giving you techniques on how to properly build your credit using proven strategies of growth & introduce you to basic money managements skills such as creating simple budgets and debt repayment plans with the objective of reaching financial freedom.
What Can I Do To Help With The Process?
Our most successful students focus on building their credit using proven strategies of growth and developing positive financial habits. They are not dependent on "deleting their way to the 7 or 800 club". Our Course Rise, A Credit Building Journey teaches everything I did to get my credit to the point it's at today, as well as basic financial budgeting & debt repayment strategies. You will do your part by being involved in the course, consuming the information and applying the knowledge to the best of your abilities.
If I Have Questions, Is There Someone I Can Talk To?
Yes! We have a world class client support team who is dedicated to answer your questions during our business hours. Simply call, email or text.
Can All My Negative Items Be Deleted From My Credit So I Can Boost My Score?
Normally a negative item such as a collection, charge off or bankruptcy will be on a credit report for 7-10 years unless the item is deemed unverifiable by the credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus), contains an error that may trigger an FCRA or FDCPA violation or if there is a pay to delete agreement on file with the data furnisher (typically a collection agency). If a negative item does not meet requirements stated above, It will be listed on a report for 7-10 years.
If You Dispute Something For Me & It's Not Deleted Does It Reset The 7 Year Time Clock?
No, the 7 year time clock start from the day the original account was first marked late 30 days on your report. Disputing it does not reset the time clock.
If I Don't Like The Financial ER, How Do I Cancel?
Simply notify us via email to with the subject line "Cancel My Account". You will receive a confirmation email regarding account cancellation.  No need to talk to anyone!
If A Negative Item Gets Removed From My Credit, Do I Still Owe The Debt?
The removal of negative items from a credit report mean that the negative remark will no longer appear on the report it was removed from, however it does not mean that the debt is forgiven.
Will I Be Billed Automatically After The Free 7 Day Trial Period?
If the account has not been canceled or scheduled to cancel before the conclusion of the free trial period, the card on file will be charged. The charge will automatically be made exactly 7 days from the time the account was created.
When Can I Expect My Account To Be Billed For Access To My Coaching Course & All That Comes With It?
If you signed up using a free trial, your account will be billed when the trial is over. Our automated payment system collects payment for your subscription on the same day every month. For example, if your free trial period concluded on the 20th of February, then your monthly billing date becomes the 20th of every month.
Can You Help Me Manage My Money?
We are not financial advisors and cannot tell you what to do with your money or manage it in any sort of way (Investments or liquid accounts). Our clients have found success at budgeting and creating debt repayment plan while listening to our very own journey and adapted some of the tools & strategies we use for our own personal finance management.
Are You Attorneys?
We are not attorneys and we do not give legal advice. We provide general knowledge & education from our very own experience with improving our personal credit. Always consult with an attorney or financial advisor for any legal or personal finance matters.

Is Your Mind Properly Blown?

*Credit repair companies cannot promise or guarantee results of deletions or credit score increases

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